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Transitioning into a new role, function, organisation or country can be exciting and daunting.  They are an essential part of each executive’s career path.  An executive’s reputation is often forged on how well they execute their transition.

Common transitions include:

  1. Technical to general management leadership
  2. Operational to strategic based executive leadership
  3. Operating environment as experienced in geographic moves or merger / acquisition
  4. Transactional to transformational-based leadership

Organisations invest significant financial resources in facilitating and supporting transitions.  Ineffective and inefficient support to resource the transitioning executive beyond the transactional issues, means the return on investment fails to realise its potential.

the edge partnership works with leaders who are transitioning to new roles in their current organisations, new roles in new organisations and new roles in new countries.  We offer structured programs that are specifically designed to meet the needs of the individual and organisational clients.    

embedding leadership is a custom designed program for expatriate leaders coming to Australia.  The failure rate for expatriate assignments ranges from 25-40%.  the edge partnership’s program addresses the nine key interventions proven to accelerate the performance of expatriate leaders and subsequently optimise the rate of success.

Promo video for embedding leadership

Please click here to hear from two clients of their experience with embedding leadership

leadership transitions is a structured program designed to support the leader, to achieve a significant shift in their capability, performance and self fulfillment.  This may be right from the beginning of the new role or during role tenure.  It positions talented executives as credible, attractive candidates for senior leadership positions and continues to support them as they progress in the organisation.  Through this six to twelve months’ coaching program, the leader’s personal development interventions are closely aligned to the business’ performance priorities.

This program is delivered both as a one-on-one structured coaching program and as a customised ‘in house’ workshop based program for groups of leaders.