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Team transformations

A leader, who understands the disciplines and rituals of high performing teams can transform an organisation to deliver sustained high performance.  While leaders will often know what they want to achieve, they are unclear as to the most effective way to get there.  At the edge partnership we support leaders to gain clarity and develop capability to achieve this goal.

With coaching as our underlying methodology, we craft programs that are applied one-on-one with leadership teams, in large groups or organisation wide change interventions that support the achievement of the leader’s vision.

Most often this process starts with the leadership team.  Our leadership team coaching program, teams with edge has been developed from our years of experience in working with leadership teams. We have developed an over arching framework that guides our approach, called the 5Q process.

The process focuses on five key mandates essential to team success:

1 - Understand the unique mandate as a team

2 - Recognise the inter-dependencies between the team members in delivering that mandate

3 - Effectively utilise the dynamics that exist in the team

4 - Deliver to all stakeholders

5 - Continually learn - we take a team through a journey to performance as a true high performing team


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the coaching lifted the executive team beyond my expectations

Peter Strachan CEO Translink


Organisational transformations

The need or desire for organisation transformation can come from many different places.  It may be from technological change, shifting competitor behaviour; innovation in the broader social space; consumer preference or a myriad of other sources. the edge partners with organisations to facilitate the required shifts needed to be successful.  Each program is tailored to address the unique needs of each situation. Our desire is to work with the leadership team to develop the vision, expected behaviours, cultural norms and educational platforms that will cascade down the organisation to achieve the transformation desired.

How we would work with you?

This following outlines our approach:

Immersion & Inquiry: Time is invested in understanding your business vision, needs, goals, role in the marketplace, culture and change initiatives. We agree any diagnostic work to be undertaken. Individual interviews are conducted to uncover all fundamental embedded cultural pieces. Using appreciative inquiry, the emotional pulse and team needs will be explored. This may also include 360 degree feedback and other psychometrics.

Detailed Design: Together we identify critical issues and processes to address these. We will agree content, approach, pre work and communications, roles and methodologies.

The Program: Focusing on business outcomes, we work with you to create clarity of purpose, accountabilities and roles: we encourage transparency of process so all parties understand the interplay between content, relationship and team dynamic; create a safe environment where frustrations can be aired; robust and challenging feedback given and difficult issues addressed. We give attention to individuals, team,leader, organisation and outside world. We ensure actions are clarifies and commitments developed. Typically a program consists of a mixture of group and individual interventions.

Review and Follow Up: Outcomes and recommended actions are summarized. There is ongoing consultation with you, providing evaluation, information or feedback required by the organisation.

Build Processes for Embedding Learning and Sustaining Momentum: Working with you we ensure the actions, behaviours and processes needed are in place so operating in high performing way becomes a way of life.

There is no one way to do this.

True organisational transformations come about with true partnerships.


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groundbreaking for us as a team

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