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We help leaders develop and refine the traits that will support them in being a successful leader.

These include self awareness, self regulation, reflectivity, clarity, resilience, strategic thinking, impact and influence and thought leadership.  Our mode of delivery is flexible, i.e. we deliver programs that are one-on-one, in group and workshop settings or as part of leadership development programs and executive education interventions.

Our approach to coaching is to innovate research in order to deliver individual and business outcomes. What that means is that we base our interventions and learning modules on the best research available whilst using the best innovations to make that knowledge accessible and implementable.

Our alliance with Thought Leaders Global means we are able to bring cutting edge curriculums to each program.


A common situation where the requirement to work effectively with traits is with rising starsRising stars are an organisation’s high potentials.  They are its talent and asset base. Our programs are tailor designed, modular based, action learning orientated, innovative in nature and designed to achieve business outcomes.

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Whether you are a first line, second line or executive manager the workshop discussions will expose gaps and appropriate remediation to meet business goals and reveal talent with learning pathways to see potential reached.

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The most common program to leverage and develop traits is executive coaching.  Coaching is an effective way to embed and reinforce initiatives and to foster strong, proactive leadership.  It has been proven that coaching supports participants to develop their potential and apply it productively.

Our coaching programs are based upon international research with innovations that make the learnings accessible and implementable. With experience in delivering programs in Australia, Asia, Middle East and Europe, we bring extensive pragmatic experience to each assignment.

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It was clear in minutes that this was not going to be some HR fluff.  Rather she created immediate trust, brought extensive corporate experience and know how which forced me to act differently.  At the end of every session I was saying Wow!

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