Global Coaching Co

Global Coaching Co

The coaching is ensuring the success of our GM’s in Australia. As a multi national organisation, the tyranny of distance to Sydney is a problem. Thankfully your coaching is supporting the development of key staff there.

- Global Business Head, Medical Industry

Australian Bank

The coaching was key in helping me to be successful in my new role. Understanding what to focus on, who to influence and how to manage ambiguity were all very important

- COO Australian Bank

Leadership Transitions

I have not doubt that the coaching ensured that I focussed on the right areas at the right times to get the best outcomes. A trusted advisor on tap

- Global Head Strategic Marketing


The coaching elevated the whole leadership team to a higher level beyond my expectations

- Peter Strachan CEO

Avant Insurance

Our team is better placed than before you started working with us, more aware, more knowledgeable and armed with a map that everyone can read

- Avant Mutual

Embedding Leadership

You don’t get a second chance to make a first impression as a new leader. This program is essential.
I recommend it to everyone coming to Australia in an executive position.

- J Moller

Reckitt Benckiser

No question was wasted. She expertly created a sense of trust immediately and moved me to discover new strengths and outcomes through action

- Jasper Bos Human Resources

A Dynamic Pharmaceutical Company

Four of the original leadership team have secured promotions in Asia at regional levels or in the USA for global level positions. That is proof of our success.

- Alison Molloy HRD

Digital Media

The work flows were mapped out to help understand the inter dependencies amongst the team

- Danny C. Managing Director

Wyeth Pharmaceuticals

Without the coaching provided, we would not have achieved our end goals

- Erica Mann, MD Wyeth Pharmaceuticals