teams with edge

teams with edge

Our team is better placed than before you started working with us – more aware, more knowledgeable and armed with a map that everyone can read.

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 Why coach teams?

Effective teams enable businesses to thrive, not just survive.  The role of the leader is to ensure his/her teams are able to work creatively and productively together.

When economic, environmental or other systemic forces place pressure on organisational, team and individual performance, there is an enhanced need for leaders to find more robust ways to work together.  For example, we are often asked to help where relationships between team members are problematic.  the edge approach enables leaders to address difficult areas constructively, to build bridges and collaborate effectively to the benefit of all the stakeholders.

We engage with a team as it works with topics that are core to the organisation’s success.  Our track record working with sensitive, interpersonal dynamics coupled with a pragmatic business orientation ensures team optimisation is achieved delivering a great result for the team, team members and the organisation.

Our approach

We have developed an overarching framework called  ”the  5Q process’.  This is based on the fundamental questions a team needs to answer to help them move to a high performing team.

Each question leads to a definitive outcome. As example fully answering the question, what is our mandate, gives clarity as a distinct outcome to the team and organisation.

Accelerating team performance

A team will work as fast as its slowest members but no one can predict who that might be with complete certainty.  High performing teams find that success is accelerated with both individual and team coaching in parallel.  Our expert coaches are skilled and qualified in both leadership team coaching and individual executive coaching.

This enables the development of the individual’s capability so they are able to effectively contribute to, support and execute the team’s agenda.

Video Testimonial     Click here to hear from Dean, Global Vice President, on his experience of team coaching

You brought us from base camp up mount everest…

Dean Phizacklea  Global head Strategic Marketing

Facilitating Leadership Team Meetings

High performing teams spend time together.  Most leadership teams benefit from spending quality time ‘off-site’.  We are skilled at supporting CEOs, MDs and functional leaders to plan, prepare and facilitate effective off-site meetings.  Each session is totally tailored to the organisation.  We spend significant time up front to understand the desired outcomes, the individual participants and the ideal agenda.

Having an impartial third party to support the process allows all team members to equally participate.  An edge facilitator also acts to moderate to ensure constructive debate and generative thinking; challenge patterns to inject fresh thinking; provide feedback on process and behaviour so as to enhance team performance.Groundbreaking for us as a team…


The coaching elevated the whole leadership team to a higher level beyond my expectations…

P. Strachan,  CEO  Translink


Case Study: Serving Competing Stakeholders

When the duopoly of Coles and Woolworths commenced their price war with individual products sold at below cost, our client was caught in the dilemma of achieving volume sales at the cost of profit…

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We are more confident as a result of this process

North Asian Leadership Team

Our approach to team coaching is based upon international research that enables the development of high performing teams. Our over arching framework, the 5Q process, has received resounding positive feedback.

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