rising stars

rising stars

You may be surprised when attending these workshops how you will change your thinking and find simple solutions to what may have been complex problems

Sonia Starcevich Head of Business Development Avant Mutual Group Limited

An organisation’s high potentials are its greatest talent and asset base.  These people will make the most important decisions about the future of your organisation.

As such, they need to be treated differently.  They deserve a leadership program that prepares them for those challenges and decisions.

In conjunction with Thought Leaders Global we offer unique customised modular based leadership development programs on:

    • Developing breakthrough self awareness and reflectivity
    • Communicating with major impact and presence
    • Utilising personal resilience during times of change
    • Exerting influence across an organisation
    • Preparing the organisation for effective execution and
    • Becoming thought leaders in your industry

Using a unique approach of modular based learning, group projects, individual coaching and an end of program conference where individual thought leadership is presented to the organisation leadership team, be assured your talent will indeed be… rising stars.

I will never underestimate the way that coaching supported me to do great things – things I didn’t even know that I was capable of

Bevan Adin, Manager – GM Jim Beam  NZ

Case Study: Accelerating Rising Stars

Read here how one organisation focused on it’s high potential population and found two future company directors. Using a blend of educational workshops, action learning projects, executive sponsoring, complexity based problem solving all supported with coaching the organisation was successful in identifying, developing and retaining key talent.

What made their team so right for this job is that the Executive Coaches are not all psychologists – they come from diverse backgrounds and that’s really what we needed.  We needed to give our people the opportunity to expose themselves to other schools of thought and other ways of doing things

Simon Youngs, Global Head of Talent and OD

The organisation’s high potential talent base is it life blood for the future. They need specialised development to ensure their success. Our rising stars programs are specifically designed to push, challenge and stretch your talent.

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