leadership transitions

leadership transitions

The coaching was key in helping me to be successful in my new role.  Understanding what to focus on, who to influence and how to manage ambiguity were all very important

CEO Australian Bank

Transitioning into a new role for leaders can be both challenging and exciting.  For leaders, making their mark quickly can often be the difference between success and failure.  But how can leaders perform at their best from the beginning?

leadership transitions is a structured program designed for ‘C’ and Director level positions. It specifically enables the new and most senior leaders achieve a significant shift in their capability, performance and self fulfillment from the very first day in the new role.  Delivered via a six to twelve months’ program, it ensures that the executive’s personal development interventions are closely aligned to the organisation’s performance priorities.

We know that successful leaders do not change their behaviour by acquiring a new set of tools and models; rather, they do so by practicing new ways of being and integrating their new behaviours through a continuous loop of reflection, experimentation, feedback and repeated practise.  We also know that profound insights and good intentions made at development workshops are quickly lost when leaders return to the demands of their day job.

Sustained coaching over six plus months has been proven to have almost ten times the effect in embedding changes, compared to a stand alone training program. Crucial to this success is finding the right coach - one who can act as a sounding board; challenge thinking; stimulate creativity; provide the right tools at the right time, build confidence and provide encouragement.


I have no doubt that the coaching ensured that I focused on the right areas at the right times to get the best outcomes.  A trusted advisor on tap!

Global Head Of Strategic Marketing


leadership transitions takes the leader through core modules essential to their success.  The overall program is based upon international research that underpins each learning module.  A pragmatic approach ensures that the coaching is tailored to each individual and situation for both commercial and individual outcomes.

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