executive coaching

executive coaching

No question was wasted.  She expertly created a sense of trust immediately and moved me to discover new strengths and outcomes through action.               

J Bos  Reckitt Benckiser

“…A manager stepping up into a new role feels unprepared for the challenge…


“…A technically competent executive who lacks the people management skills needed to elicit the best out of his direct reports…

These are two common organisational scenarios where executive coaching can be used to provide the skills, confidence and transformation to help individuals succeed.

At the edge partnership we work with executives across a range of industries and organisation types to meet the challenges and demands for successful performance for themselves and their organisations.

A coach is focused on enabling greater levels of individual and group performance; acting as a sounding board; challenging thinking; stimulating creativity; providing tools and techniques for dealing with situations; assisting in skill-building, giving encouragement and boosting self confidence.

Coaching is an effective way to embed and reinforce change initiatives and to foster strong, proactive leadership in change situations. Experience shows that executives who have been coached well approach transitions and obstacles with more confidence and skill and therefore achieve better results for their organisations and for themselves.  It has been proven that coaching supports participants to develop their potential and apply it productively.

Coaching is an investment in the individual’s own capability, along with lifting the capability of the organisation.  With well aligned objectives, coaching achieves tangible and sustainable results.  We concentrate on making a real and lasting difference at the senior level with the flow on benefits cascading downwards and throughout the organisation.


The role of CEO is one of the most demanding and complex.  CEOs have positions of power and authority, yet to be successful they must be able to influence, gain and retain support from diverse stakeholder groups.  This often involves understanding and reconciling competing priorities.  The reality and practicality of working within this context can be challenging.

We support CEOs as coach and sounding board, to reflect, gain clarity, establish and execute their agenda. Our specifically designed program leadership transitions has been proven to be very effective in enabling success within the first year of a new ascension to the top spot. Based upon international research it targets the essential areas that have been proven to enhance success.


Having an external sounding board was essential to me when our organisation was taken over by new owners. As the CEO everyone expects you to have all the answers, all of the time. This is course is not true!

CEO Sports Organisation

Senior Leaders and Functional Heads

Many executives who join a senior team for the first time find it is an experience for which they are under prepared.  We help them comprehend and become confident in their new ‘cabinet’ role – becoming a business leader, not just a manager of a slice of the business.  Fast tracking this transition helps them make a valuable contribution to their own and the business’ success.


We believe it is vital for executives to experience coaching as something that benefits them both professionally and personally; something that challenges and stretches, whilst delivering rewards.  edge coaches act as sounding boards, provide tools and techniques to help the client perform.


At the edge partnership, we operate with positive regard for the client and their agenda.  We work hard to understand the client’s agenda. Our coaching and learning interventions are paced to client capacity; are intellectually robust; challenging and are linked to both the organisational and individual’s objectives.

We believe establishing rigour around the coaching engagement process is fundamental to a program’s success.  The coaching engagement process includes:

  • Ensuring the ‘chemistry’ is right between the coach and client and establishing trust
  • Agreeing on the length of engagement - normally six months is required to achieve and embed the desired behavioural shifts
  • The style and rhythm of sessions
  • Gathering relevant information to assist in the coaching program, e.g. from stakeholder interviews, 360 degree feedback, performance reviews and company information
  • Holding meetings with the coach, client and the client’s sponsor throughout the process to set objectives and share information
  • Ensuring coaching objectives are agreed early and reviewed regularly to guide the program and measure success

A senior executive assignment could cover the following areas:

  • Developing a constructive leadership style
  • Achieving longer term aspirations
  • Rising to day to day challenges
  • Preparing and transitioning to a new position
  • Tackling upcoming strategic opportunities
  • Time management – in and out of work hours
  • Achieving greater performance in the current role
  • Sparking turnaround, creativity and innovation
  • Building a strong and inspiring leadership presence
  • Developing the ability to influence


The coaching is ensuring the success of our GMs in Australia.  As a multi national organisation, the tyranny of distance to Sydney is a problem.  Thankfully your coaching is supporting the development of key staff there. 

Global Business Head  Medical Industry


Our extensive experience in executive coaching across Australia and Asia brings a very pragmatic approach based upon international research and business outcomes.  A structured chemistry and goal setting process sets a foundation for great coaching.

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