embedding leadership

embedding leadership

You don’t get a second chance to make a first impression as a new leader.  This program is essential if you are a new executive to Australia.

J Moller  Medical Director  Central Europe

A recent HSBC survey* cites Australia as the second most desirable country for expatriate leader assignments.

While our unique geographical position, mature economy and sophisticated business environment makes Australia an attractive prospect for overseas assignments, research suggests the outcomes for expatriate leaders are often less than ideal.  The failure rate of expatriate assignments is between 20-40%.

Failure to assimilate within Australia – the land of sunshine and good humour, may be a difficult concept for Australians to understand.  Many expatriate arrivals however, are given little support either from a cultural or organisational perspective and are inadvertently set up to fail.

Most organisations don’t consider assimilation issues when an expatriate assignment fails and blame is often laid on the expatriate.  If organisations understand the benefits that can be achieved by supporting the assimilation of the expatriate, their significant investment in that individual will be handsomely rewarded.

embedding leadership is a program that is custom designed for expatriates coming to Australia in a senior leadership capacity.  Our program addresses the nine key interventions known to accelerate success as an expatriate leader.  Our integrated and evidence based approach targets all areas concurrently and with a situational emphasis as needed.

the first two weeks in Australia are exactly what you expect, the land of sun and sea.  At about the third week life kicks in…

Case Study: “Show us what you’ve got…”   

Listen here to one client tell of their experience in Australia. Show us what you’ve got

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