Embedding LeadershipEmbedding Leadership

The global failure rate of expatriates is recognised as being between 25-45%.  This program is specifically designed to turn that failure rate into a high success rate.

With nine key interventions focused on the four major transitions executives experience as an expatriate, this is a must for senior leaders coming to Australia.

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Executive Coaching Executive Coaching

Our coaching engagement process involves a number of steps including chemistry meetings; commitment; information gathering; sponsor meetings; output definitions; a variety of coaching methodologies; review sessions; close out meetings and reporting.

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Leadership Transitions 

We work with leaders at four main stages of transition: moving from technical to general management leadership; from operational to strategic based leadership; from transactional to transformational based leadership and where the operating environment changes such as following a merger.

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Teams with Edge 

Economic turbulence and recession create unprecedented pressure on leaders to perform above the ordinary.  Effective teams enable businesses to make the changes necessary to survive and grow during times of uncertainty.

Designed across five internationally researched key focus and work areas, the program is delivered for both the team as a whole and for its individual members.

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Rising Stars 

An organisation’s high potentials are its greatest talent and asset base. These people will make the most important decisions about the future of your organisation.

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