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Our team is very experienced in all aspects of applied leadership including executive coachingtop team coachinghigh potential’s development and organisational change.  Using a model based upon strong business experience, relevant academic underpinnings and innovating research, we approach each client with… an edge.

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Our video series called ‘conversations with edge‘ is where you can hear from each team member about the typical scenarios we deal with when working with out clients.  You will get a sense and feel of our expertise areas and maybe even pick up a tip or two.

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the edge partnership was formed with the intention of focusing on three main areas of leadership: traits, transitions and transformations with coaching as an underlying methodology.

Our approach

the edge partnership was formed with the intention of focusing on three main areas of leadership: traits, transitions and transformations with coaching as an underlying methodology.


These include self awareness, self regulation, reflectivity, clarity, resilience, impact and influence and thought leadership.


All leaders go through transitions as they progress in their careers.  We work with leaders at four main stages of transition: moving from technical to general management leadership; from operational to strategic based leadership; from transactional to transformational based leadership and when there are changes in the operating environment such as geographic moves or merger / acquisition.


Leaders need to transform themselves and their teams first if they ever want to transform their organisations.  This cannot be done without insight and help from transformation experts.  We believe that a values driven leader who understands the disciplines and rituals of high performing teams can transform an organisation into one where sustained high performance is possible.  Integrating team based research, performance psychology, social media platforms and understandings of tribal cultures, we design programs for leadership teams and whole organisations.

We believe in partnerships

We are delighted to have a number of strong and complementary alliances.

Praesta International  

Praesta International is one of the leading international coaching firms. In fact the edge partnership emerged from the Praesta brand. Praesta operates in Europe, the Middle East, China and in the USA. We collaborate on global clients together and actively refer to clients who have offices where Praesta are located.

Thought Leaders Global  

Thought Leaders Global help clever people become commercially smart. For over a decade the thought leaders movement have been providing world class business education to subject matter expert. The Thought Leaders University is currently in development and will offer a range of curricula into organisations. We hold accredited mentors roles within the movement, meaning we can teach all of the Thought Leaders Global curriculum.

Aon Hewitts   

Being a best employer is so important to organisations. Key staff retention is  a major strategy for long terms success. The ability to measure and understand staff engagement of staff is crucial for senior leaders. For decades Hewitt’s have led the way in understanding what staff think about their organisations and what leaders can do to enhace their engagement levels. The best employers program is a pathway for organisations to follow in order to maximise staff engagement. We are delighted to the the coaching partner of choice for Aon Hewitts.


Human Capital International Pty Ltd (now known as HCI) was established in 1998, with a primary focus on the development of thinking leaders at the senior management level – people who will make an impact in shaping organisational effectiveness. Using a strengths based approach, HCI are actively involved in large scale leadership development programs. We love partnering to deliver sustainable and innovative programs together.

Bath Consultancy Group 

Bath Consultancy are world leaders in the development of coaching supervision and of team coaching. Supervision is a development and quality assurance methodology. We continue to partner with them on the development of supervision in Australia and have hosted learning events to promote the understanding of team coaching as an emerging discipline.

Our office

We operate out of our own offices in Australia, Sinagpore and Hong Kong.

Head office is at Suite C1 11, Level 1, Fusion Building, 22-36 Mountain Street, Ultimo,Sydney, NSW 2007, Australia.


Through our international alliance with Praesta International we have a truly global reach. 

Praesta offices include locations in France, Germany, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Spain, South Africa, Sweden, Turkey, South Africa, China and the USA.

Our affiliation with Thought Leaders Global broadens our reach into  India, USA and England.