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Technically he is great, but he is very abrasive. How do we help him to build self awareness in order to minimise this?

We have just hired a new GM from overseas. How do we ensure they settle into their new role here in Australia as quickly as possible?

They seem to work as a silo group rather than a true team. How do we get the leadership team more aligned?

The business is going through a tough time right now. How do we build up a sense of resilience in our leadership team?

She is tipped to be the next CEO but is not ready yet. How do we prepare her for that transition?

Following the merger last year we seem stuck as a leadership team. How do we become unstuck and clear about our future?

These guys need to develop a stronger ability to influence across the organisations. How do they learn that?

Operationally wise she is great. However her strategic thinking seems to be lacking. How can coaching develop that?

Our organisational culture does not seem to deliver the results we are looking for. How do we start building on high performance?

How do we help her become clearer when she speaks in public? Her messages are all confused. This could derail her career.

The new MD is still thinking like a Sales Director - his previous job. How does he develop into a true commercial leader that spans the whole business?

How do we build a pipeline of high potentials to become our next senior leadership group?

Welcome to the edge partnership. We are experts in applied leadership with a focus on traits, transitions and transformations.

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I have not doubt that the coaching ensured that I focussed on the right areas at the right times to get the best outcomes. A trusted advisor on tap

- Global Head Strategic Marketing